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About Us

Just Coconut is a local Australia-based beverage brand, focusing on fresh coconut inspired drinks. Our coconuts are sourced from Thailand. We only use authentic and high-quality ingredients, to bring you the freshest and thirst quenching coconut drinks.

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Just Coconut is on a mission to make fresh, fruity, thirst-quenching coconut drinks accessible to everyone. Our coconuts are sourced from Thailand, and we only use Nam Hom coconuts as they have the best flavour!

Young Nam Hom coconut water are the most sought after variety of coconut water in the world not only because they are sweet naturally but they are also healthy!

We only use the freshest ingredients in our recipes. We truly believe sipping on a nice, cold and refreshing beverage from Just Coconut will grant you maximum satisfaction!

Our Story

Your Healthier Choice


Our Mission

To inspire healthier lifestyles by providing healthier options of food and beverages made with the freshest coconuts and other premium ingredients.


Our Vision

To be the leading innovators of healthy Coconut inspired food and beverages in the Oceania region and beyond!

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